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The Midi-Pyrénées is one of France’s largest regions, and it is certainly one of its most precious.

Its landscape is beyond compare with the mighty Pyrénées bordering Spain to the south, the lush forests of Dordogne to the north, and in between the spacious valleys stacked with a history blended by many forces and land marked by mountain top monasteries, sleepy stone and wooded hamlets, green fragrant groves and medieval castles.

Midi-Pyrénées Sites

The Romanesque abbey in Conques is legendary and the village itself has recorded a very interesting history and seems largely unchanged by the passing decades. The Canal du Midi is one of the region’s treasures and remains the oldest canal in use in Europe. So impressive is the undertaking that the Canal du Midi has earned the prestige of being included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Star gazer’s mouths will be agape at the Pic du Midi Observation and Research Centre perched at the mountain’s apex. The sandstone facades of the buildings of Figeac are not the thing of beauty in the quaint village. Figeac boasts lovely palaces and artistic sculptures. Albi is a larger town with much history and heritage to offer its visitors.

Gavarnie is a naturally occurring mega circular valley more than two miles in circumference at the base and more than nine miles at the top. The depth of 5,500ft gives way to splashes of green flora and blue cascading water at this amazing site. Rocamadour is one of the Midi-Pyrénées' main attractions. This city in the sky is built from the very mountain atop which it is perched. The site of pilgrimages since the 12th Century, Rocamadour still amazes all who visit.

Lourdes & Toulouse

The highest concentration of hotels in France outside of Paris is in Lourdes. Since young Bernadette saw the form of the Virgin Mary eighteen times in 1858, Lourdes has become one of Christianity’s most revered and famous places. Four million people visit Lourdes annually to visit the Grotto and pray for cures and miracles.

The home of the legendary Concord, Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city. It is known not only as a major university and industrial city, but as a charming walking city also. The old city is done in rose brick giving the area a pink hue that is nearly red in high sunlight. The two cathedrals, Notre Dame de la Daurade and St Sernin, are impressive and the regional cuisine will only add to the pleasure of your stay.

Midi-Pyrénées Sports

The Midi-Pyrénées is a haven for exciting sports and activities. Lovers of golf have a few different choices including Golf du Grand Rodez in Rodez, Golf Club de Guinlet and the 9-hole course of Golf des Roucous near Cahors. Adrenaline junkies should call on Office des Sports de Montagne or Ecolorado. They offer whitewater rafting, canyoning, canoeing, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Hiking and trekking opportunities are limitless in the Midi-Pyrénées and horseback riders will find plenty of options also. Combelles has every service an equestrian fan could desire.

Midi-Pyrénées Cuisine

The sumptuous flavours of the Midi-Pyrénées have been delighted over for decades, even centuries. Like so many other French regions, the Midi-Pyrénées also capitalises on the best of what is available in the area. Travellers will see delicious and warming cassoulet on most menus, and this thick stew of slow cooked meat (duck and/or pork) and haricot beans is divine.

Wild mushrooms are abundant and fabulous cheeses, like Roquefort are prevalent. Armagnac brandy and foie gras are readily available. The southwest of the region has gorgeous duck and goose dishes, including foie gras, pate, preserved duck, as well as, yummy potted pork. Be sure whilst in Toulouse to try the violet scented sweets that are traditional to the city.You can also find us at Holiday lettings in Midi-Pyrenees Holiday lettings in Midi-Pyrenees

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