Caton Farmhouse, Midi-Pyrénées

The outdoor adventure land of the Midi-Pyrénées is classed as a blend of Mediterranean and Atlantic Maritime. Of course the weather will vary dramatically from the mountains to the valleys and beyond. Skiers and boarders will be touching the sky on powdery snow in the Pyrénées Mountains sometimes as early as November and lasting all the way to May.

The summers in the Midi-Pyrénées are very pleasant with average temperatures hovering at 28ºC and a nice breeze to keep you cool whilst trekking and golfing. Spring and autumn are both mild with crisp, refreshing breezes and temperatures averaging 12ºC. The winters tend to be the wettest months with the most precipitation around the mountains and nearer to the sea, but do look for showers in April and May.
2020-12-02 7°C
2020-12-03 10°C
2020-12-04 8°C
2020-12-05 7°C
2020-12-06 6°C
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